Your body is the temple of your soul.
A healthy body and a pure mind are the source of true happiness. Each and everyone longs for this source, specially in modern times.
True happiness means to be at peace with yourself without judgement.
Purify your body and give it what it truly needs.
In doing so, the key to the gate of bliss and happiness shall be given to you.


We love our project and care for the needs of our customers.
We transform the love, that we receive from our customers into the love that goes in our products.
To create a wonderful product, the love for nature and for the human kind needs to be taken into considerations.
Love is the force that drives us through life.
Love begins with yourself.


To love yourself doesn`t mean to function like a machine, but to dance in harmony with your own given nature.
To be healthy means, be yourself.
Legendary  knowledge of the vedas is the foundation for ayurvedic formulas.
It is believed that the ayurvedic plants serve humanity with their individual soul.
These can help one to return to a natural harmonic state called “prakriti”. “Vikriti” describes the disharmonic state.
To be in harmony with yourself helps you on a daily basis.



Everything happens according to Thy will and each and everyone in our team was at the right place at the right time with the right vision. These brought PUREVEDA to life. We, founders of PUREVEDA, are individual persons from different backgrounds but our hearts beat in the same rhythm.

Angela, our well grounded and highly experienced ayurvedic health practitioner, represents the yellow colour which stands for the practical aspects in ayurvedic therapies.

Hanna, our extremely sophisticated natural doctor, soulfully brings hidden health secrets to life. She reflects the orange colour.

Manish, coming from the marvellous island of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean, transforms the visions and ideas of PUREVEDA in wonderful coloured and ensouled artworks. Just like the ocean surrounding his island, he represents the colour blue.

Heiko, our trustworthy digital genius, ensures that you can experience and be part of the realised movement. Heiko represents the colour red.

Last but not least Alex, our visionary and humble Boss, without whom this vision could not have been realised. His love for nature lead him to spend a lot of time in it. Therefore the colour green is allocated to him.



The gracious, thousands of years old, Ayurvedic spirit enlightens us. It inspired us to give the best of ourselves in creating extraordinary products, and generate ideas that fit in our modern times.

Our vision implies that only the very best raw materials are used. In the manufacturing process pure substances with no additives are used – Quality by Purity.

Our project enables the farmers and their families to be a part and benefit from our movement. Another part of our aim, is to involve ourselves in benevolent activities such as the PUREVEDA Woman Project. This is meant to be a team work between eastern and western women.

Our finest and carefully developed products inherit the Ayurvedic spirit. A more intellectual point of view of western science is integrated – East meets West. With the world’s new invention of our VedaCards, we integrate one’s feelings and energy directly in the diagnostic and therapeutic process.

Experience ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with our PUREVEDA products.


Quality by Purity

Firstly Quality –High-Class ayurvedic products made in Germany

Our products are certified, residue-controlled and genetically unmodified.

Pure encapsulation

We apply a special care in our manufacturing process – Our capsules contain
no additives, adjuvants, or lubricants.
PUREVEDA products are free of parting compounds, such as the commonly used magnesium stearate, originally from building industries.

Hypoallergenic Production

Omitting the use of conventional lubricants, such as the metal soap magnesium stearate, means an expensive production procedure. A faster production time would imply the application of the unwanted substances. The slower and meticulous production, that we apply, has the advantage of lower heat generation and thus the protection of vital nutrients and a high bioavailability. Our production being made in small batches at a time, ensures that you constantly receive fresh products. In doing so, highest quality and intrinsic value are maintained.

No Aluminum Contained

A large number of nutritional supplement providers use aluminum as their containers` sealing agent. During the sealing process an aluminum foil is strongly heated by a high frequency electromagnetic field. We put a lot of emphasis on not using this method!

Why capsules?

Tablets often need additives to be properly produced. As we do not apply any additives, we therefore use capsules.

Vegan capsule material

The capsule material, made out of Hydroxy- Propyl- Methyl- Cellulose, is obtained from plants.