What truly nurtures you?

Rumi once said:

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”

How can we hear this call in the daily confusion of our minds?

What delights our spirit?

What is good for our soul?

What is good for our body?

A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.

What really nourishes our body and what is not good for it?

How do we differentiate between the two?

The same applies to the needs of the soul.

What is our true soulfood?

What appears appetizing does not always have to be good and nutritious.

So-called secondary needs are not the real needs.

Even when the first desire is satisfied, a feeling of dissatisfaction often remains.

The body and also the soul wants to be satisfied and not fobbed off.

What really fills you up?

This question can only be answered by you.

Find your personal Soulfood.

The VedaCards can also help you along this path.

They help you see which formula can support you right now on this journey to discover yourself and your true needs.

So much for today in the very first blog of Pureveda.

More to come.

Your Pureveda team

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