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Ayurvedic spring-tips

Dear Ayurvedic friend! Finally, the days are getting longer and spring is sending its harbingers. This season stands for cleansing, growth and regeneration and symbolises also the time of a new beginning. In spring the accumulated Kapha of winter begins to liquefy. This can show up in the form of colds and allergies. Spring fever and overweight can now occur . Let us take advantage of the mild spring days to boost our metabolism and burn the unwanted liabilities winter left behind. Ayurveda recommends especially during this time to perform a traditional cleansing treatment or to start a fasting program.
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Autumn is Vata-time

At the beginning of October, the wind reaches our latitude. The wind brings a lot of movement into life. This can not only lead to restlessness, but also an important role for energy and drive for action. Autumn is therefore Vata-time, because the Vata-Dosha is assigned to the wind. For people who naturally have a dominant vata, this means that right now grounding and structure are required, so as not to get into the whirlwind and get into trouble. This could translate into restless sleep or in concentration difficulties. On the purely somatic level too much wind means much dryness
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What truly nurtures you?

Rumi once said: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” How can we hear this call in the daily confusion of our minds? What delights our spirit? What is good for our soul? What is good for our body? A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body. What really nourishes our body and what is not good for it? How do we differentiate between the two? The same applies to the needs of the soul. What is our true soulfood? What appears appetizing does not always have to be good and nutritious. So-called secondary needs are not the real
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