Ayurvedic spring-tips

Dear Ayurvedic friend!

Finally, the days are getting longer and spring is sending its harbingers.

This season stands for cleansing, growth and regeneration and symbolises also the time of a new beginning. In spring the accumulated Kapha of winter begins to liquefy. This can show up in the form of colds and allergies. Spring fever and overweight can now occur .

Let us take advantage of the mild spring days to boost our metabolism and burn the unwanted liabilities winter left behind.

Ayurveda recommends especially during this time to perform a traditional cleansing treatment or to start a fasting program. For all of you who can not, I have the following tips that you can easily integrate into your everyday life:

– Ayurvedic herbs and an anti-Kapha diet help us to find a new lightness for body and mind. Accompanying measures may include a moderate exercise program and tissue-degrading massages (such as the Garshan dry massage).

– Ayurvedic herbs that help us to reduce the Kapha tissue accumulated in winter (such as mucus and adipose tissue) are, for example, Myrrh, turmeric or triphala.

– Carefully cooked meals in the form of mung dal, millet, barley and green vegetables should be included in a Kapha-reducing diet. Avoid as sweet, salty, fat as possible and also the dairy products in the spring time.

– For the spices you should use the “agitators” to heat up your digestive power (Agni). So you give your body the opportunity to get rid of the legacies.

It is time for a new beginning. We wish you lots of energy.

Enjoy the spring.

Your Pureveda Team

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