Autumn is Vata-time

At the beginning of October, the wind reaches our latitude. The wind brings a lot of movement into life. This can not only lead to restlessness, but also an important role for energy and drive for action.

Autumn is therefore Vata-time, because the Vata-Dosha is assigned to the wind.

For people who naturally have a dominant vata, this means that right now grounding and structure are required, so as not to get into the whirlwind and get into trouble.

This could translate into restless sleep or in concentration difficulties. On the purely somatic level too much wind means much dryness in general. So, on the agenda are flatulence or blockages, also cracking joints or joint pain that could occur more frequently.

A very high vata also weakens our immune system and flu viruses have an easy game.

The wind does not leave us alone. In order to soothe your dominant Vata, we have the following tips for you:

– In the autumn consume only warm and as much liquid food as possible . A warm porridge for breakfast or a soup in the the evening can help harmonizing your wind. Root vegetables ensure groundedness.

– Withdraw yourself, through meditation, a warm bubble bath or wonderful warm oil massages.

– In order to harmonize your Vata, Ayurvedic herbs like Haritaki or Ashwaganda help you. From the spice level are warm spices such as cinnamon or cardamom very supportive.

– And maybe you will allow yourself to sleep for half an hour more.

So, if you pay attention to your Vata level, your organism can generate wonderful energies and you can be filled with joy throughout autumn. Enjoy the colors!

Your Pureveda Team

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